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Find Out MoreAegis Security To Provide Luton Sixth Form College With Safeguarding Officers and More

Aegis Security To Provide Luton Sixth Form College With Safeguarding Officers and More

Aegis Security are proud to announce having been awarded a new contract to provide Safeguarding Officers, Key Holding services and Alarm Response for Luton Sixth Form College.

Our years of experience in these areas will allow us to provide the highest levels of service in order to support the education of the students here. These services have been selected in order to maintain a safe environment where students, parents and staff can trust that their place of work and education will be protected at all times.

Aegis’s Safeguarding Officers are fully trained, vetted and screened to British standards, meaning that they can carry out their job to the highest level. With the help of these officers, Luton Sixth Form College will be able to accommodate the needs of students in an extremely safe environment, reducing the risk of potential harm to students, staff or the building itself.

With the use of our Key Holding service, the College will also be kept safe and secure even when nobody is onsite. Not only will we look after the keys to the building, but our highly trained response officers are always on call to respond to any issues at the location. This added layer of security ensures that everything left within the College will remain protected from damage and theft.

Another important service that will help to keep the Luton Sixth Form College a safe place of education is our Alarm Response team – fully trained and able to deal with tripped alarms in an efficient, effective manner. Our officers are able to arrive rapidly onsite, no matter the time, in order to carry out a thorough check of the situation. Whether any points of entry have been broken, or in the more likely event of a false alarm, our team will be able to assess the situation, deal with any issues, file reports and leave a record for building staff on site.

Aegis Security are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers and will ensure that the Luton Sixth Form College remains a safe and secure environment for all its students and staff. By working together with schools and colleges, Aegis Security can help to create safer educational facilities for students, no matter where they are situated.

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