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Back To School Security & Safety Tips

With schools set to return in early September, it’s essential that all students and staff can go back to a safe, secure environment. Not only does it help everyone to feel comfortable each day, but it can even help to improve student and staff performance. So what can you do to make sure your school will be a safe environment when returning?


Plan Ahead

Planning is a key part of making sure staff and students can return to a secure environment. Knowing when people will be arriving, how they’ll be arriving and where they’ll be entering the school grounds is crucial to maintaining a secure perimeter and safe space.

By planning the return of large groups, any events, and for busy situations, you can avoid accidents and prevent unauthorised access to anyone who shouldn’t be onsite.


Carry Out A Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are an effective way to double check whether you’re covered in all areas, or if you need to make last minute improvements to security or safety measures.

Identify access points to your premises – can unauthorised people enter too easily? Check walkways and entrance points – are there objects blocking them? Is there sufficient signage so that new students know where to go? Are valuables sufficiently protected, including car parks and computer rooms?


Make Sure Everything Is Up-To-Date And Working

Since schools have been unused over summer, it could be that some of the equipment or electricals haven’t been used in a while. Making sure that they’re all in safe working condition will prevent any accidents or potential health and safety hazards. Testing alarms, detectors and sensors is also a necessity when it comes to emergency procedures and preventing any dangerous situations if a fire or gas leak were to occur.

Similarly, security equipment should be checked to ensure that it’s all updated and working as it should. This will help you to maintain a top level of security, even with huge amounts of people returning to the site.


Layer Your Security

Security measures are good on their own, but even better when you combine them with each other. Creating a layered security system is the most effective way to keep your school learning environment safe at all times.

For example, utilising CCTV cameras as an initial deterrent, backed up by access control barriers, backed up by safeguarding officers within the building, provides a three-tiered system that makes it virtually impossible for someone or something to enter the school without permission. This creates the ultimate shield and really allows your school to maximise its safety for staff and students alike.

Aegis Support Services can help your school with a wide range of security measures, facilities services and equipment testing. For more information, please get in touch with us or visit our service pages.

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