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Find Out MoreCovid-19 Safety Measures for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Covid-19 Safety Measures for Schools, Colleges and Universities

With Covid-19 still prevalent in society, it’s essential that people continue to act safely in order to prevent the spread as much as possible. Some of the main areas that need to be kept as extremely safe environments include schools, colleges and universities – due to the large numbers of people attending and the increased risk of close-contact, face-to-face interactions.

In order to keep these areas safe, it is important to introduce an effective plan with sufficient measures that will enable students and staff to continue in a safe educational environment.

What can schools, colleges and uni’s do?

There are a range of things that educational facilities can do that will help to keep areas safe and reduce the contamination of Covid-19.

How can Aegis help your school, college or university?

With years of experience in maintaining safe and healthy environments, we are perfectly prepared to deal with a situation like this. Our teams, each fully trained and dedicated to their relevant services, are able to help carry out effective Covid-19 measures.

Our cleaning teams can help you to keep every part of your building or campus a spotless, Covid-19 free space. With professional equipment and years of experience in cleaning difficult spots, you can be sure our cleaners can get to every spot.

Our facilities management specialists are able to help with all other safety measures by providing you with the necessary signage for one-way systems, social distancing areas and to point out hand-washing and sanitising areas. They will also be able to provide you with hand sanitising stations to make sure you are always kept stocked up.

Finally, our security teams will be able to support you with social distancing marshals who will be able to ensure that students keep a safe distance. They’ll also be able to monitor flow control to ensure that there are never too many people in a certain area or room.

If you’d like to find out more about our Covid-19 support services for schools, colleges and universities, please get in touch with us today. The sooner you start, the safer your school will be!

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