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Find Out MoreHow can the UK reduce its £50 billion crime costs?

How can the UK reduce its £50 billion crime costs?

In the UK, crime costs the government over £50 billion per year. That money comes from taxes that are paid by businesses and individuals. With such high costs, huge amounts of money are being spent on something that we should be actively reducing.

How does crime affect business?

Whilst crime costs the UK over £50 billion per year, more than £17 billion of this is from crime against small and medium businesses.

The impact on businesses around the UK is huge – 51% of all small and medium businesses have been targeted by some form of crime. On average, each incident costs a business £2625. With just over half of all businesses experiencing some form of crime, it’s easy to see that more measures need to be put in place to reduce this number.

On top of this, over 800,000 businesses have applied for bankruptcy as a result of crime, showing that the financial trouble caused by incidents can have an extreme impact on the success of a business. Unfortunately, as crime rates continue to go up, so does the number of businesses filing for bankruptcy. More businesses need to ensure that they taking more precautions and installing further measures to deter criminals and prevent incidents.

What measures can help to reduce crime?

CCTV Systems

Having visible CCTV camera systems in place has been shown to reduce the levels of burglary and theft, especially in private spaces. Due to their ability to record events and help identify suspects, just having visible CCTV cameras is enough to put many criminals off and will help to keep buildings, homes and carparks safer from burglary and theft.


Increasing the number of streetlights and outdoor lights is another way in which crime levels can be reduced. Due to increased visibility at night, incidents involving burglary and theft are more likely to be deterred in places that are well lit. By investing in good outdoor lighting for dark areas, crime rates can be reduced and these areas can be kept safer.

Security Patrols

Mobile security patrols have been shown to reduce crime such as vandalism, burglary and theft. By having irregular patrols pass through areas, it acts as a deterrent to people who may otherwise have committed a crime in the area – the risk of them being caught by a random security patrol is enough to prevent them from doing anything in areas where patrols are active.

Security Guards

Much like CCTV cameras, if security guards are visible in a certain place, then they will act as an effective deterrent. If people know that they are being watched and can be seen, then they know that the chances of them getting caught is much higher. In turn, many incidents can be prevented simply by placing visible security guards in certain places.

How can Aegis help to deal with crime?

Luckily, Aegis Security can provide businesses with many of these solutions that can help to keep premises safer and reduce the likelihood of criminal incidents. With many years of experience in protecting businesses and keeping buildings safe, you can be sure that we are able to help reduce crime.

Our services include high quality CCTV camera systems, both mobile and static security guards and outdoor lighting solutions. We can provide your business with a personalised solution to fit your exact needs so that your building is kept as safe as possible. By reducing the number of incidents, your business can save money and not have to worry about large, unforeseen costs that could put you at risk of bankruptcy.

While lowering crime rates for businesses, this will also reduce the overall level of crime in the UK and could hopefully help to reduce the costs that our country faces from it. With less costs, government spending can be used to benefit other areas and reinvest and strengthen our economy, rather than fixing past incidents. An overall reduction in crime could therefore benefit everyone and is something that we should all strive to achieve.


For more information on how Aegis Security can protect your business from crime and which services we can offer you, get in touch with us today here or call us on 03300 500 800.

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