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Find Out MoreHow K9 Dog Security Keeps Construction Sites Safe

How K9 Dog Security Keeps Construction Sites Safe

Construction sites are often targeted for criminal activity in the UK, mainly for theft and vandalism. As there are often no security or prevention measures in place to deter unauthorised personnel, it makes these sites a popular target, with the UK construction industry losing over £800 million per year from theft and vandalism alone. Effective security measures, including K9 dog units, are a great way to reduce and even eliminate this risk in many circumstances.


Construction sites are a major security risk

The UK construction industry is a major target for theft and vandalism, due to the regularly unprotected access to materials, machinery and equipment. According to a survey carried out by the Chartered Institute of Building, around 92% of all construction sites suffer from some kind of theft, and over 2 million acts of vandalism are reported each year.

This drastically raises costs to construction companies in the form of damage repair costs, equipment replacement, increased insurance policies and even a loss of business resulting from serious incidents.


K9 Dog Handling will help to keep your construction site safe

Specialist security dog units who have been professionally trained are able to effectively deal with incidents on construction sites. Working in combination with alarm systems, K9 dog units can be dispatched rapidly after any alarm trip or sign that somebody has unlawfully accessed the site. Once they arrive, they will complete a full search of the site until they have established that no intruder is present.

If, however, there is a trespasser within the site perimeter, the K9 unit will be able to quickly detect and locate them. From there, security guards can detain the criminal until the police arrive to deal with them. Often, this rapid response will prevent the criminal escaping with any stolen goods or machinery, eliminating the large costs that they may have otherwise caused.


Aegis Security Can protect your construction site

At Aegis Security, we know how important it is for construction companies to be able to provide reliable, affordable services to their clients, which is only made harder by theft and vandalism. We can provide fully trained K9 units, along with a range of additional security measures that will help to keep your site safe and secure at all times.

Whether you would like security guards present during the day, CCTV cameras and alarm systems to cover the site at night, or K9 units that are ready around-the-clock to search and secure your perimeter, Aegis Security can provide you with highly trained, professional solutions that will minimise criminal activity and reduce the costs for your construction company.

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