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Find Out MoreHow You Can Reopen Safely On April 12th

How You Can Reopen Safely On April 12th

On the 12th of April, it will finally be time for shops to open up again, however, it’s still a key priority to remain safe and healthy at all times. There are a range of measures that shops can put in place for reopening that will allow them to operate safely, from Covid-19 measures, to security.

Effective Covid-19 Measures Should Be In Place

Unfortunately, Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere, which means that shops and businesses must ensure they are still operating as safely as possible in regard to preventing spreading of the virus. This can be done in a range of ways including:

Distancing Marshals who can actively ensure that people are keeping a safe distance from each other and prevent too many people from entering the building all at once.

Signage on walls, at tills and on the floor that will help customers to understand where they can go, and where they should stand in queues to avoid getting to close to one another.

People flow systems that will help to count the number of people within the building and only let new people enter when there is sufficient space.

Security Should Remain A Focus

Whilst keeping customers safe from Covid-19 will be the main priority when reopening, security should still remain a focus for shops and high street businesses. Data has shown that anti-social crimes – including causing harm to others, causing damage, and getting rowdy – have been on the rise during the pandemic, and so it is extremely important to protect yourself against this increased likelihood of incidents occurring.

CCTV systems are one of the most effective ways to do so. They are able to record all areas of the building, and in turn will capture any event that may happen. Footage can then be used as evidence in order to justify the incident. CCTV cameras also act as a great visual deterrent, reducing the risk of something happening in the first place.

Security Guards are a physical measure to help deter, prevent and deal with any crime or anti-social behaviour. Professional security officers are able to work with shops to create an extremely safe environment, as they are able to deal with any incidents as soon as they occur, often preventing situations from escalating.

What’s more is that they can act as social distancing marshals too, fulfilling two important roles – shop security and Covid-19 protection.

By implementing effective measures like those outlined in this article, shops and high street businesses can remain secure and Covid-safe when reopening on April 12th. Without additional action taken, these businesses are putting themselves at risk to losses due to crime, or fines for not behaving safely during a worldwide pandemic.

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