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Find Out MoreIt’s World Day for Health & Safety At Work – How Can You Make Your Workplace Safer And More Secure?

It’s World Day for Health & Safety At Work – How Can You Make Your Workplace Safer And More Secure?

Today, Wednesday the 28th of April, is World Day for Health & Safety At Work – the perfect time to reflect on how safe and secure our workplaces are, and what we can do to continuously improve them. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs puts safety and security right up there with our most important needs and with the workplace being a second home for many, it’s extremely important that these needs are met for all staff, at all times. So how can you make your workplace safer and more secure?

Staff Training

Training your staff plays an important role within the workplace, as it not only improves efficiency, but can also help to significantly increase work safety. Carrying out regular health and safety trainings with your staff should be priority and should include the following:

Your staff will feel much safer and more confident within the workplace once they know how to deal with incidents and that there are procedures in place to deal with them.

Workplace Signage

Now more than ever, clear and effective signage around the workplace is key. Covid-19 signage should be in place to let staff and visitors know where to go and how to avoid close contact with others – set up one-way systems around the office or warehouse and let people know where they need to socially distance.

Signs can also play their part in helping with safety – they can be used to instruct people where not to go, where dangerous machinery or chemicals are being used, or how to use certain equipment. The range of uses for workplace signs is virtually endless and definite must if you want to achieve maximum safety.


Remove Hazardous Waste and Objects

Workplaces are constantly at risk from hazards; anything from dangerously placed objects, to broken equipment, to leaks and building damage. Removing these hazards as quickly as possible is essential in maintaining a safe working environment.

You should always be on the lookout for objects or cables that may be trip hazards, machinery and tools that have broken and become unsafe to use, and any damage to the infrastructure of your workspace such as leaks, broken pipes, or damaged flooring.

Your staff will not only be safer once you remove dangers from the workplace, but they will actually feel safer knowing that regular checks are being done to prevent hazards from arising.



Making sure that your workplace is completely secure is the final step in making your staff feel safer and more secure at work. A building that has no security measures in place and no entry barriers or checks, is going to make staff feel as though anyone could enter their place of work at any time, and in turn make them feel unsafe.

By implementing sufficient security measures for your building, your workplace will become safer and help staff to feel safer. Use access barriers for your carpark, add smart locks to all of your access points, utilise security guards for the front of your building and install sitewide CCTV monitoring.

These measures will not only make it harder for unauthorised access to your building, but they’ll act as visual signals to staff that their workplace is being effectively protected and secured.

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