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Keeping Your Business Safe In The Next Lockdown

It’s that time again – businesses will have to adjust to the rules of yet another lockdown. Buildings and offices are likely to be empty, upping the need for effective remote monitoring and security deterrence. Those businesses who continue to work will need to reinstate effective Covid-19 measures to make sure they’re operating safely. Let’s take a look at what businesses can do to stay safe, no matter what.

Why do businesses need to up security during a lockdown?

During the lockdown, it’s likely that many businesses will move back to operating from home – if they weren’t already doing so. That leaves offices and buildings more vulnerable to crime, especially if there are no visible security measures in place.

Studies have shown that the majority of burglaries that take place are in fact impulsive, often occurring when somebody notices unguarded valuables or a lack of security. With less or no people in the building to deter events like this, it becomes even more of a risk to businesses.

Which security measures can safely help out during a lockdown?

Remote CCTV

Remote CCTV monitoring is one of the best ways to prevent and deal with any incidents during lockdown. By implementing a system of cameras around the property, with sufficient signage, businesses will be able to deter the majority of criminals.

What’s also great about remote CCTV monitoring is that it captures everything that happened in high-definition video, allowing businesses to deal with any unfortunate events more effectively. As they can be monitored from anywhere, nobody has to be on-site at any point to make the most of the cameras – the perfect solution during a stay-at-home lockdown.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are another great way to have an eye kept on your business whilst away. Security patrols in high-profiled cars will be able to regularly inspect the building without getting in the way and without increasing the contact between groups of staff. Security vehicles and officers will deter crime and make sure that everything is in order when no other staff can.

Key Holding

As we’ve mentioned before, key holding for businesses is one of the best ways to ensure that any on-site activities or incidents can be seen to rapidly when there is nobody around. Alarm response officers will be able to reach any site within 20 minutes of an alarm trip, no matter the time or day of the week. From there, they’ll be able to analyse the situation and create reports on any false alarms, break-ins or damages.

Businesses who will continue at work

For any businesses who’ll continue to work during the lockdown, safety measures will be extremely important. Maintaining a healthy and safe working environment is paramount as the pandemic continues to worsen, so there are certain systems that should be implemented to help businesses achieve this.

Thermal Imaging Systems

If you are a large organisation, operating with large numbers of staff, then it’s important to make sure that everyone is healthy when entering the workplace in order to avoid a large breakout. A great way for businesses to do this is to use thermal imaging systems at entrances to the building. This will allow staff to enter quickly whilst taking temperature checks to reduce the likelihood of somebody carrying Covid-19 entering the building.

Automated People Flow Control Systems

Another key issue that businesses and offices have to consider is the number of people in each room. In order to work as safely as possible, staff should be able to keep a distance between them and not have to work face-to-face. By introducing automated people counting systems, rooms can easily be filled with a suitable number of people, without becoming overcrowded.


By using a range of sufficient measures during lockdown, all businesses can remain safe and secure. Whether moving to a work from home system, or remaining in the building, there are suitable measures that can help to operate as best as possible.

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