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Measures to take in order to return to work safely

The outbreak of Covid-19 has seen everything go through many changes. As a result of this, workplaces have been empty and large numbers of people have been working from home. Now that restrictions are beginning to relax, businesses are looking to return to work – however, it is crucial that this is done sensibly and safely in order to prevent another outbreak.

Why can’t people just return to work normally?

Due to the risk of new outbreaks and the continued spread of Covid-19, unfortunately people still can’t just return to “normal”. With large groups of people congregating, the risk of spread is increased, making workplaces less safe than they used to be. Therefore, whilst the risk of the virus is still around, workplaces will be required to take extra precautions as they will be where most people meet.

In addition to there being lots of people in the same space, work environments often involve communication and coming into contact with a variety of surfaces. Whilst talking is ok, people must still maintain a safe distance – something that may not be easy in smaller buildings. What’s more is that the virus can survive on certain surfaces for several days, including plastic, cardboard and metal. Things like desks, keyboards, and water stations are at high risk and must be cleaned regularly and used carefully to prevent contamination.

What measures can be put in place to keep safe?

Thankfully, there are a number of measures that be added in order to maintain a safe, functional working environment. These are:

Aegis Security thermal imaging camera to check Covid-19 body temperature

Aegis Security can provide your business with essential Covid-19 health and safety measures

Aegis Group have lots of experience in keeping workplaces safe and secure. With our expertise and services, we can ensure that your staff and customers will remain safe when reopening your business premises. We can provide your business with sufficient measures including those mentioned above, which will allow your business to operate with maximum efficiency at this time.

For more information on our Coivd-19 safety measures, view our service page or get in touch with us today.

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