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Find Out MoreThe Environment Bill 2020 – What It Means For Businesses

The Environment Bill 2020 – What It Means For Businesses

Over the next seven days, it’s Sustainability Awareness Week. With that, we thought we’d share with you some information on the Environment Bill 2020 and what it might mean for businesses in the coming years.

What is The Environment Bill 2020?

The Government are currently passing a new policy paper through Parliament, which sets out to develop legally binding targets on air quality, water, waste and biodiversity in the UK. It aims to bring urgent action that will help to meet targets that have been set out in the 25 Year Environment Plan, helping us to cut emissions and create a green economy. The targets laid out by the bill will be subject to public consultation and will be legally binding for businesses and organisations, creating a strong target-delivering mechanism.

What could the bill mean for businesses?

Although the bill is new and we don’t know a great deal of specifics, we do know some factors and the likely effects they will have on businesses and facilities management in the future. Firstly, businesses will get their say on the proposed targets. Once the framework of targets has been laid out – which is expected to be early 2022 – businesses and communities will be allowed to share their views and responses on them. This will be a great opportunity to voice opinions and share any criticisms that could benefit the bill, so businesses should keep an eye out for when it’s open.

What we also know is that there will be a range of targets for each of the priority areas (air quality, water, waste and biodiversity), including at least one long-term target for each. This means that businesses will have to focus on every area in order to comply and reach the goals that have been set. Emissions will have to be limited, pollutants will have to be reduced, waste management will need to be revised and improved. With effective and timely planning, these targets will be easy to meet and will ultimately help our economy and create a new, more sustainable future.

Finally, we know that the targets are going to be legally binding. This means that businesses and organisations will have to stick to them and attain certain levels of sustainability by a certain point in time. Although this could lead to financial punishments if they’re not achieved, this should create a positive urgency that will help our economy to become greener. Businesses who excel may even receive awards and of course, it won’t hurt to stand out for doing good for the economy of the country!

How can Aegis help businesses to reach environmental targets?

As with all new laws and targets, new challenges will arise that businesses will have to plan for and overcome. Given that these targets will be legally binding, it’s essential that all businesses are able to stick to goals and reach the final outcome. That’s where we can help. As an experienced facilities management provider, we know what it takes to become more sustainable.

Our waste management service can help your business to reduce waste and streamline your processes to become more sustainable. By reducing the waste that your business creates, and by recycling more, you’ll be well on your way to achieving targets set out in the main focus areas including waste, water and biodiversity! Although the specific targets have not yet been set, and it may be a while before they’re known, by getting a head start early on, your business will be left with less, if not nothing left to do after they’ve been announced, in order to reach the legally binding outcomes.

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