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Find Out MoreThe Importance of Manned Guarding While Your Business Premises Are Closed

The Importance of Manned Guarding While Your Business Premises Are Closed

Lockdown measures all over the world have shuttered businesses deemed non-essential. This also has meant that business owners and their employees have had to self-quarantine at their homes, until they are allowed to go back to their physical business and work locations. One unfortunate side effect of these measures is that businesses are now vulnerable to vandalism and theft. This is a time when storefronts and office buildings are more susceptible to security breaches.

Given the situation right now, it is essential to keep your business protected and monitored, to ensure its safety. Reliable and dependable methods of securing the physical location of your business are critical right now. This will help you have peace of mind since you will know your business will stay secure. While you cannot personally be onsite, there are those who can be. Manned guarding is the working solution for protecting your business.

What Is Manned Guarding?

Manned guarding is when the premises of your business are protected from unauthorized trespassing. By using manned guarding, you ensure that there is no damage or theft of or on your property. During the current lockdown restrictions, only people deemed essential can move freely and go to work at a physical location outside of their homes. However, criminals do not care for the law, pandemic or not. They will actually see this situation as an opportunity to break into businesses, given the lack of people around, as well as diminished security. To protect your assets, as well as the property of your employees, you should consider manned guarding.

Manned guarding services provide you with experienced and qualified guards who have been screened and vetted, according to British standards. This means they will carry a valid SIA license, which allows them to secure your business and adhere to your instructions.

Other Benefits of Manned Guarding

There are other benefits of using manned guarding to protect your business. These are the following:

You can receive all of these benefits when you hire manned guarding to help you keep your business safe and secure when you are unable to. These are unusual times, and as with any crisis, there will be bad actors looking to take advantage of it. Avoid being a victim of vandalism or theft by hiring manned guarding for the physical location of your business.

Aegis Group Can Protect Your Business

Aegis Group provides a full range of Security and facilities management services, including manned security guarding, mobile patrols, cleaning, and high-end specialist services like asbestos removal and disposal. When you hire Aegis, you are choosing to work with a company that provides high-quality services performed by skilled and trained employees. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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