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Find Out MoreWhy waste removal is key – Our waste removal service keeps you focused on the important things

Why waste removal is key – Our waste removal service keeps you focused on the important things

Waste management is key to business operations for several reasons. Not only does it help to maintain a clean, safe working environment, but when done correctly it helps your business to recycle more and become more sustainable.

By disposing of waste efficiently and properly, you ensure that materials can be reused and recycled. What’s more is that hazardous materials will not be sent to the wrong facilities, which could lead to environmental damage once they are disposed of improperly. Being a sustainable and responsible business is becoming more and more important as climate change accelerates and customers continue to place more value on environmentalism.

Another essential reason to keep control of your business’s waste management is to keep your building safe. Hazardous objects and materials, including asbestos, can create an unsafe space for customers and employees. With a waste removal service, you can ensure that these are removed safely and quickly, allowing your business to continue without unnecessary disruption. 

The added importance of effective Waste Management today

The current situation with Coronavirus puts extra emphasis on keeping your working environment clean and safe. Due to the fact that the virus can survive on certain surfaces for several days, it is important that any waste is removed quickly and without contaminating other objects or areas of your building. 

Equipment that is being used more frequently now to prevent the spread of the virus, such as masks and gloves, is often thrown away unsafely and can create large build ups. This can increase the risk of spreading the virus if it is not disposed of carefully and safely. Waste removal services will remove rubbish and waste properly to ensure that it is done in the safest possible manner, keeping your premises safe, clean and free from the risks of the Coronavirus.

Aegis Facilities have a range of services to keep your waste under control

Aegis Facilities can help your business by providing a first-class waste removal service, ensuring that your needs are catered to in the most effective manner. We have a strong focus on our clients’ needs and provide you with cost-saving, sustainable solutions. We can streamline your supply chain and use our expertise to help with waste avoidance and recycling. 

Our services also include the option to remove rubble and fittings if your building is being cleared or renovated, ensuring that empty spaces are clear and safe for repurposing. With asbestos removal services we also ensure that your business environment is a healthy place to be. We can remove all types of asbestos, collect and dispose of asbestos and provide an emergency call out service.

Not only do we provide all of these services at Aegis Facilities, but we provide them with outstanding customer service to keep your business running smoothly, to keep it clean and safe and to keep your staff and customers happy.

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