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The Importance of CCTV Monitoring

When you have a business or a home, you should invest in a CCTV system to monitor your property. This is one of the best ways to ensure the safety and security of your business. We are going to go over exactly why CCTV monitoring is so important, to help clear up any doubts or confusion you may have about them.


They Deter Crime

Just seeing a CCTV camera is enough of a deterrent for most would-be criminals and intruders. Anyone considering trespassing on your property will think twice about doing it. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to burglars, even in broad daylight. This is why CCTV cameras make a sound investment, especially in a high-crime area. If you are looking for an effective deterrent for burglars, intruders, and vandals of all kinds, getting a CCTV camera system is the choice to make.

They Cannot Be Compromised

Contrary to what you see in the movies, breaking into a building that has CCTV monitoring is not easy. In real life, CCTV systems that are set up well are essentially impenetrable. There will be several cameras set up, watching any potential blind spots, as well as being fixed on the most vulnerable areas of your business or home. You can even have 24 hour real-time monitoring, with a dispatch on its way in the event of a break-in. Furthermore, you can receive an inspection of your property and learn what the ideal CCTV setup for your particular situation is.

They Provide Remote Surveillance

One of the best features of CCTV cameras is that they can monitor your property in real time. Besides intruders who are looking to steal something from your business or home, you can keep an eye out on employees, babysitters, and other people, to make sure they are not behaving inappropriately, while also keeping them focused on their required tasks.

They Provide Accurate Documentation of Injuries

Insurance fraud is a sizable issue, as is the problem of insurance companies not paying out for claims involving legitimate injuries. A CCTV system will help a business identify people faking injuries and support someone who gets injured in their home, such as an elderly person, to ensure they get the claim due to them. CCTV monitoring keeps parties in both situations more honest. It will help ensure that any and all claims made are backed up by incontrovertible evidence.

They Let You Know What Is Going On

If you are either going on vacation, or unable to be at your business or home property, a CCTV system can give you an inside look into what is going on. No matter what happens, you will know. This includes both suspicious activity or something like storm damage. You can make sure that your property is not being disturbed by anyone or anything.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the main reasons you should considering CCTV monitoring. Aegis Group offers real-time monitoring, using 24 hour operators. All monitoring is recorded and extensive DVR range monitoring is offered. You will no longer leave your business or home open to intruders or dangerous situations going unnoticed. Give yourself the reassurance that your property will be safe and secure, thanks to CCTV monitoring.

Key Holding For Education – Is Your School Secure Over Weekends and Holidays?

With Easter coming up, schools and colleges across the country will be closing. During this upcoming holiday, you need to ensure your school or college is safely secured. The way you can ensure this is by working with a company that can be entrusted to hold your keys.

Besides safeguarding the keys to your school, they will be the first to respond whenever an alarm goes off within your building. According to the Association of Chief Police Officers, you are required to have someone on the premises of a building, such as a school or college, within 20 minutes. If you are not completely convinced that you are able to abide by that requirement, you will find key holding to be incredibly helpful.

When people are celebrating Easter or are out during the weekends, they will likely be unable to reach your school in the pre-defined 20 minute window. By having a managed response process during times like weekends and holidays, you ensure that any potential threat is resolved.

Reasons to Consider Key Holding

There are several reasons to consider key holding that go beyond what was shared above. For instance, if another employee has to come into the building because of a tripped alarm, they may deliver lower productivity the following day, given they had to spend hours waiting for the alarm engineer to arrive at the building.

Also, according to current Employment Laws, an employer has what is called a “duty of care” so that employees are safe from any potential threats and are able to work in healthy and safe working conditions.

You will also want to consider key holding given the very real possibility of the police not coming in response to tripped alarms after false positives. This could turn dangerous, so you want to make sure you avoid getting into a situation such as this.

Safeguard Your School or College

You can outsource the protection of your institution by entrusting the keys of it to a key holder, such as Aegis Security. Weekends, holidays, and other occasions when your school or college is closed, can mean nobody is able to get to it in time after an alarm goes off. This is a risk that can be mitigated by you when you align with a security company like Aegis.

Response Officers are professionals who have been trained specifically to understand how to operate alarm systems. They are also able to investigate whether there has been any break in or whether there was a false alarm. Response Officers know what to look for, in order to discover why there was a false alarm, which can be a tremendous help to you.

Besides avoiding potential headaches, you are also doing so at a very minimal cost. For less than £1 a day, you can use a professional key holding service that will assure you that they will be quick to respond and provide you with peace of mind. Any alarms, be they legitimate or false, will be dealt with professionally and effectively.

To secure your school over weekends, holidays, and other times when it could be useful, hire Aegis Security today.

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