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Covid-19 Return To Work Solutions

Social Distancing Marshals · People Flow Control · Thermal Imaging Systems · Covid-19 Risk Assessments · Deep Cleaning

After a long lock down period, many businesses are now looking to be able to return to work again. Aegis Security have a wide range of implementations that can help your staff and customers remain totally safe when coming back to your premise. From people flow control to Covid-19 risk assessments, we have multiple techniques to ensure that the space is not overcrowded and that all people are safe to enter.

Social Distancing Marshals

With social distancing measures in place, it is key that businesses are able to adhere to these in order to comply with the law and remain safe. Aegis Security provide fully trained Marshals who will ensure that people abide by the rules and keep the correct distance at all times. 

Due to the regular changes in distancing rules, it can also be hard to know which to stick to. Thanks to constant training updates, our Marshals are always aware of the most recent changes. This prevents your business from having to worry about following the updates and helps to keep your staff and customers in a risk-free environment. Aegis Security’s highly trained teams will protect your business when returning to work and prevent the transmission of Covid-19 within your premise.

People Flow Control

Large amounts of people will begin gathering once workplaces open up again, making it essential to control numbers. In order to allow social distancing measures to be followed, people flow must be monitored depending on the room size. 

Aegis Security are able to provide an efficient people flow system that ensures rooms and spaces are never overfilled. By using advanced cameras and technology, our systems are able to track and monitor the movement of people throughout the day. This will register the number of people entering and exiting rooms and will provide clear instructions for when new people may enter. Keeping track in this way will maintain a level of safety, allow your business to adhere to distancing rules and reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. 

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging systems can effectively detect the face temperatures of multiple individuals at once. By using advanced facial recognition, the thermal cameras are able to take quick readings of people’s face temperatures. This gives you an accurate idea of whether someone may be ill with Covid-19 if their temperature is too high.

Thanks to advanced systems, the likelihood of false readings is extremely low. Due to the ability to produce rapid results and measure several people at once, it minimises the need for queues and large build-ups of people to wait. This makes it an extremely efficient detection method that will keep your business safe as well as productive.

Covid-19 Risk Assessments

Aegis Security can also offer comprehensive risk assessments for your workplace. By identifying possible risks to your business, we can make sure that they are avoided and dealt with in the best way, keeping your premise safe at all times. 

Maintaining a risk-free environment will allow your business to continue to operate and will prevent the need for any further shut-downs due to outbreaks. With constant changes to rules and regulations it can be hard to adapt and keep your workplace safe. Aegis Security’s Covid-19 risk assessments will allow your business to stay in line with all updates and changes whilst preventing any potential hazards and risks that may negatively affect your staff or customers.

Deep Cleaning

Covid-19 has created the need to maintain a cleaner environment than ever before. Due to the virus being able to survive on certain surfaces for several days, it is essential that they are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. 

With a great deal of experience in the cleaning industry, Aegis are well equipped to fulfil any business’s deep cleaning needs. We will ensure that all surfaces are kept completely clean at all times, from chairs to desks to floors. Our staff are highly trained, and we are accredited by The British Institute of Cleaning Science, so you can rest assured that our services will be carried out to the highest of standards.

Whether you need short-, medium- or long-term solutions for managing Covid-19 in your workplace, Aegis Security can provide it. With a wide range of services we will ensure that your business can operate effectively whilst maintaining a high level of safety for everyone there.

If you would like more information or any help with our Covid-19 Services, please feel free to reach out to us here.


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