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K9 Dog Division

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Our K9 Dog Division is an extremely high visual deterrent and can be a great addition to manned guarded sites. Dogs have heightened olfactory senses, can be used in areas unsuitable for human entry (health and safety) and are proven to reduce attempted crime rates.

Our security dog teams are trained in article tracking, building searches, find and locate and handler protection, making them an unbeatable team on any assignment.

Aegis Security are able to provide contract or emergency security staff to cover any workplace, trained expert staff with dogs, with uniforms to compliment your existing security procedures or we can advise and prepare a tailor made package to meet the individual requirements of each client and situation, however delicate or routine this may be.

Aegis Security can supply the following dog teams:

Drug Detection: The highly trained drug detection dogs can be used for either passive or proactive assignments. This also includes the provision of dogs that can identify the presence of illegal substances on your premises or act as a deterrent to potential drug use.

Explosive Detection: These dogs receive specialist training on particular substances which make up the composition of explosives. Some of these dogs have been trained to detect flares.

Our detection dogs undergo continuous training to ensure their results are at the highest level, whilst working discreetly to guarantee the public do not feel intimidated by the dog’s presence.

Other Specialist Dogs:

Aegis Security can also provide other specially trained dog security teams specific for your assignment including:

Our main service focus is protecting our client’s assets, resources and public profile. Our professionalism, understanding of your business environment and proven expertise within the security industry makes Aegis Security the first choice when you need protection, reassurance, and reliability in any sector.

An important part of our service is that we are always on hand 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, giving you piece of mind that immediate response and resource is always available.

If you would like more information or any help with our K9 Dog Secuirty services, please feel free to reach out to us here.


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