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In the event of an alarm activation would you, or your nominated personnel be able to attend the premises within 20 minutes as required by the Association of Chief Police Officers?

The time to attend is only the start of a managed response process, which why key holding and alarm response services can be so important. Have you considered:

Employing Aegis Security and using our key holding services can avoid these risks for your business. Our Response Officers are thoroughly trained on alarm systems and can quickly and safely check your premises for intruders and false alarms. They are experts in identifying the cause of false alarms which benefits our customers and reduce callouts. Working to your pre-agreed instructions they will ensure the premises are properly secured before leaving with a report left for you on site.

All this and more can be provided for less than a £1 a day – with an Aegis Security Key Holding Service Agreement – providing you with total peace of mind that any alarm activation on your property will be dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Client specific assignment instructions allow complete flexibility as we understand that each premises has unique key holding and alarm requirements.

If you would like more information or any help with our Key Holding services, please feel free to reach out to us here.


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