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Find Out MoreWhat Are The Most Effective Ways To Keep Staff Safe At Work?

What Are The Most Effective Ways To Keep Staff Safe At Work?

This week, we’ll be sharing some of the most effective methods and measures for keeping staff safe at work. As an experienced security provider, we’ve discovered which ways are the most successful at not only keeping businesses safer and more secure, but also at helping staff to feel safer and more comfortable in their environment.


Site & Perimeter Security

Maintaining a secure building perimeter is essential to its safety. Installing sufficient perimeter security will help to keep unauthorised members from accessing the grounds, whether during work hours, at night or over weekends.

The best ways to keep your perimeter safe and secure include the following:


Proper fencing
Creating a perimeter with solid fencing will help to establish your business’s boundaries. It will make it harder for unauthorised members to access the site during the day or night, regardless of whether anyone is on-site. It will also help to prevent workers from gathering or leaving the premises at dangerous points, where there might be fast moving traffic or insufficient path space.

Access control barriers/gates
Installing access controls in high traffic areas of the building can allow staff to enter safely at all times of the day, including over weekends. It can also effectively prevent unknown members from entering, without securing permission to do so first. This is especially useful now that businesses are trying to limit their capacity to remain safe during Covid-19.

CCTV cameras
CCTV camera systems are great for monitoring site activity when no staff are there, and act as a strong deterrent to vandalism, theft and unauthorised access attempts. When coupled with our remote monitoring systems, they can be used to monitor and give verbal warnings to anyone who might be trying to access the site.

Security officers
By employing extra staff as security officers, you’ll have someone you can rely on to deal with situations, help to organise traffic flow, and help to secure the site. Aegis’s fully trained manned guarding officers are capable of dealing with and providing support for a huge range of scenarios. Whether it’s dealing with an incident discretely, supporting front-of-building staff during busy events, or helping to secure busy access points, security officers can provide great all around support for your business.


Safety Drills & Emergency Procedures

Another crucial aspect to keeping children staff safe at work is emergency procedure systems, with sufficient planning and training. In the unlikely event that an emergency incident occurs at work, all staff should clearly understand what to do in order to safely deal with the situation at hand.

What exactly should you take into consideration?


Security and fire alarms
Are there enough around the school site, are they tested frequently and do they all work? It’s key to make sure that your building’s alarm systems are extensive, fully functional and effective in order to keep your site, and staff safe. By carrying out regular checks, having someone test your alarms, and having them upgraded when necessary, you’ll be prepared for any emergencies.

Create extensive plans that make clear exactly what to do in an emergency, where to go, and safest ways for people to exit the building.

Staff training
Staff should be trained properly and regularly so that they are able to lead in an emergency situation. All staff members should be aware of what their role is, what emergency procedures there are and exactly how they should be carried out.

Whole building drills should be carried out on a regular basis, for a range of emergency procedures, so that every single person knows what to do in each situation.


Covid-19 Safety

Since last year, workplaces now have an extra responsibility – making sure that everyone remains safe and careful to avoid unnecessary spread of Covid-19. Keeping large workforces organised can be a difficult task, but it’s key to providing a safe working environment in 2021.


Some ways in which you can minimise the risk of Covid-19 within your workplace include:


Covid-19 marshals
Utilising extra staff to act as safety marshals can help to keep staff apart, organise groups and teams properly, and prevent large gatherings in smaller areas of the building.

By implementing extra signage on walls and floors around the premises, you can clearly outline where people should and should not go. It’s an effective and easy way to direct staff and visitors, as well as close off certain areas of your site.

Specialised cleaning
Creating a specialised cleaning schedule with the use of disinfectants that help to kill the virus can minimise the risk of spread dramatically.

Reducing on-site team sizes
By reducing the sizes of the teams that are on-site, staff can maintain a safe distance from each other, even within smaller office spaces. Consider breaking up teams to work in different rooms, rotating staff members to work from home on certain days, and seating staff further apart.

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